Here at Trivett Contracting, we understand the value-added benefits of quality custom metal and fiberglass fabrication. And, it’s one of our favorite parts of the job. Our fabrication shops are fully equipped with the tools, creativity and ingenuity necessary to provide our customers with superior apparatus solutions to meet their unique needs.

We offer complete engineering, design, fabrication and installation of metal and fiberglass systems for all types of uses.

We work hard and stay up-to-date on the latest tech to supply our customers with the best quality fabrication at an affordable cost.

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  • Project design and engineering
  • Custom-built catwalks and mezzanines
  • Structural and support steel solutions
  • Sturdy handrails and service platforms
  • Proper protective fencing and guarding
  • Custom-built ladders, steps and stairs
  • Robot support structures
  • Well-crafted frames and bases for pump and drive lines
  • Conveyors and frames
  • Custom painting, powder coating and corrosion control

Who we work with

Trivett Contracting has decades of experience and expertise in a variety of industries: