We know we’re the best of the best when it comes to millwright services, prioritizing safety and treating our customers right, but don’t just take our word for it. Our high-caliber work, competitive pricing and consistent results speak for themselves. Check out a few of our recent projects below.


Trivett’s four-person crew installed several hundred feet of new conveyor system including three spiral conveyors, box rotators, strapping machines and three box assembly machines to efficiently and effectively process boxes of MRE and FEMA meals for this customer’s business. Our team ensured all equipment was unloaded and installed safely and all shipping waste was cleaned and disposed of on project completion.


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With the goal of helping this customer create a new manufacturing process to provide specialty feed additives to optimize animal performance and customer value all while meeting the highest of quality standards, Trivett started this project with an engineering schematic design. Our design and planning processes provided necessary project criteria for construction plans including foundation, slab, platform and roof framing plans, structural steel erection and fabrication drawings for platforms and elevator supports, bracing elevations and other technical design specs. This project included us dismantling and removing all unnecessary tanks, including all piping, electrical conduits and fixtures. We relocated two existing tanks. Removed metal siding and installed new spiral elevators including electrical and piping connections. Installed new tanks complete with piping and electrical connections, load cells, mixers, probes, pumps, thermo couplers, valves, flow meters and heat exchangers. Trivett fabricated and installed service platforms, landings and stairs. Installed and modified a new cooling tower. Installed new light fixtures and general-purpose outlets. Relocated boiler room panels and transformer. Designed and built a new control panel. Designed and installed HMIs. Installed new drives, make-up air fans, and new scrubber systems complete with piping and electrical including all associated valves and flow meters. Installed new metal siding and shored up existing metal studs. To finalize the project, we epoxied the interior and floor coating, installed a new overhead door, and poured a new concrete pad for four diffusers with fence and bollards. Trivett also designed and fabricated a custom hose reel solution.


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SKY HIGH CONVEYOR: Iron Ore From River to Rail

For this project, Trivett was tasked with building and installing an iron ore ingot conveying system in Cincinnati. This consisted of one 12’ shaker feed conveyor, one 589’ main belt conveyor for the iron ore ingots and one return conveyor to handle ore byproduct — all designed to carry 750 tons per hour. The main belt conveyor sits 25’ in the air on several structural supports placed throughout the system. This structure includes a 150’ long and 11’ in diameter tunnel weighing 100,000+ lbs. that spans over a four-lane highway. After the tunnel the conveyor passes over a double railroad spur so the ingots can be loaded on trains. This secondary conveyor is 287’ long and runs through the same tunnel. This took approximately two months to fabricate and ship to the worksite. Trivett took just over five weeks to complete the install including setting the 150’ tunnel in a single pick taking only 15 minutes.


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