We understand the complex needs of food-grade safety and sanitary protocol requirements that are standard in your line of work. We have decades of experience in packaging and manufacturing environments. We know food-grade construction and maintenance work requires total commitment to customer satisfaction. We will work cooperatively with your team to ensure all production and maintenance objectives are met on time and on budget.

We know food-grade millwright work is its own delicate balance of intricate precision and necessary protocols. Big or small jobs, our team’s experience in this industry sets us apart from the pack.

In the complex world that is the food and beverage industry — big or small, we can do it all.

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  • Food-grade conveyor sales, service, installation and repairs
  • Custom fabrication and installation of food-grade platforms
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • New machinery and equipment installation
  • Machinery and equipment troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs
  • Preventive maintenance programs and support
  • Preventative maintenance schedules and inspections
  • Structural steel fabrication and erection
  • Plant relocation

Who we work with

Trivett Contracting has decades of experience and expertise in a variety of industries: